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A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life summary A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life, series A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life, book A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life, pdf A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life, A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life 37ef816660 A Quest For Godliness Explores The Depth And Breadth Of Puritan Spiritual Life Drawing On A Lifetime Of Study, Packer Surveys The Lives And Teachings Of Great Puritan Leaders Such As John Owen, Richard Baxter, And Jonathan Edwards He Examines The Puritan View Of The Bible, Spiritual Gifts, The Sabbath, Worship, Social Action, And The Family The Puritans Faith, Packer Argues, Stands In Marked Contrast With The Superficiality Of Modern Western ChristianityIn A Time Of Failing Vision And Decaying Values, This Powerful Portrait Of The Puritans Is A Beacon Of Hope That Calls Us To Radical Commitment And Action, Both Desperately Needed Today Beautifully Written, A Quest For Godliness Is A Moving And Challenging Exploration Of Puritan Life And Thought Here Is J I Packer At His Very Best

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    This is part of a book review I wrote for both Knowing God and Quest for Godliness I have tried to save the 5 stars for truly outstanding books I encourage you to read this.In Dr Packer s A Quest for Godliness, he first goes through the rich history of the Puritans He then writes about the Puritans and their views on Christian foundations the Bible, the Gospel, the Holy Spirit, etc and how the depth of their works and life should be used today Our readings for this book focused a lot on Richard Baxter, John Owens, and Jonathan Edwards, men to whom we are greatly indebted to for their great spiritual impact in both their day and today.Critique These books were both excellent, however, I would highly admonish all to read A Quest for Godliness While Dr Packer writes about major parts of the Christian faith in Knowing God, his narrative of the Puritans as well as his summaries and practical insights on their lives was incredible His expertise and knowledge on the Puritans is astounding The book is well written, and thick with insights It is a book that needs to be carefully read and thought through At times I do think he paints an idealistic view of the Puritans, especially early on, but in the end, you realize that his idealism comes from the wealth of blessings that Dr Packer and many have received from them I greatly appreciate both Dr Packer s and the Puritans love for God and desire to point the reader to love our Creator, and to do so in way that is honoring to God, out of love, thankfulness, and reverence.Application The Puritans were in a unique stage of history where they were blessed with a wealth of understanding into the Scriptures They were able to extract the gold from God s word, so to speak As I read this book, it seemed that Dr Packer was the tour guide, showing the Biblical gold that the Puritans labored at vigorously to unearth There isn t a secret to their work, they loved Christ and God greatly blessed them We can have what they had through Christ and we can learn much through the Puritans I want this, and this book pushed me towards wanting Christ and to share Him and His work with many This is a book I hope to read multiple times in my life I think that there is lots of application, from prayer, reading the Bible, worship, to understanding the necessity of revival and praying that God would bring revival Best Quote The healthy Christian is not necessarily the extrovert, ebullient Christian, but the Christian who has a sense of God s presence stamped deep on his soul, who trembles at God s word, who lets it dwell in him richly by constant meditation upon it, and who test and reforms his life daily in response to it. Pg 116

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    It has been 19 years since I first read this book all the way through In the years since, I have reread several of these chapters, and importantly, have dived deeply into the vast ocean of Puritan literature for myself Whatever love I have for the Puritans today, I owe largely to Packer s wonderful introduction, and further back to my Dad s love for the Puritans in my growing up years.My second time all the way through this book was the really enjoyable The chapters, of course, began as papers presented by Packer at the annual Puritan conference, jointly lead by Packer with D Martyn Lloyd Jones As such, the one unifying theme between chapters is the Puritan subject matter, the chapters themselves addressing a wide variety of Puritan themes and persons The material on John Owen chapters 5, 8, 12, and 13 is exceptionally good Though Packer had a special affinity for Richard Baxter, and speaks of him often including helpful critique on Baxter s views on justification, in chapter 9 , I am much less of a fan More helpful are the expository chapters on the conscience ch 7 , The witness of the Spirit ch 11 , preaching ch 17 , and evangelism ch 18 I also think the first four chapters and the afterword all of which actually serve as introductions to the Puritans from several different angles are worth their weight in gold Chapter 19, on Jonathan Edwards and Revival, is also excellent My least favorite is chapter 14, on The Puritans and the Lord s Day probably because I am not a Sabbatarian in the way the Puritans were, and think the continental reformers were much on point on this issue As with all of Packer s books, I am amazed at just how much he packs in truly living up to his name and find his capacity for succinct synthesis and summary to be at once both illuminating and suggestive of further thought.

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    But in seeking to honor and please God by the methodical holiness of mortifying sin, vivifying habits of grace, keeping the Sabbath, governing one s family, mastering the Bible, working hard in one s calling, practicing purity, justice, and philanthropy in all relationships, and keeping up communion with God by regular, constant prayer, Puritans were all at one, and all the so because these were the things that their preachers most stressed This sentence embodies the life of the English Puritans Packer compares them often to the huge Redwood trees of California, the trees that are not handsome in any conventional sense, but have very straight, strong, solid trunks Such were the Puritans And oh how important they are for us today.Packer covers well, as the title suggest, the basics of the Puritan view of the Christian life How they worshipped, how they preached, how they read the Scriptures The day to day practices of husbands and wives and the catechizing of children The observance and feasting on the Lord s Day or Christian Sabbath All of which we, the modern church, have much to learn from He also takes some time to dive into the lives and thoughts of some of the history s giants John Owen, Richard Baxter, etc..To say this work by Packer was a help to me is an understatement It was like a companion Maybe because hardly any book has ever taken me so long to read It came to a point where I didn t care how long it took to read it, I wanted to wade through this one slow and surely And it was than worth it I told my wife as I finished it that I might just start it over And truly, I might.

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    Often times the subject of spirituality has Protestants turning to Catholic and Anabaptist mystics What a shame Protestants have a rich heritage of heart felt spirituality that avoids the errors and excess of the mystics We have the Puritans This volume is far than an introduction to the spirituality of the Puritans It is a passionate call to what they called experimental religion a faith that is thoroughly biblical, doctrinally rich, and passionate.

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    A solid treatment of the Puritan life Before I read this book I thought that Puritans were backwards and strange, but I have come to fully appreciate their zeal for gospel ministry They have actually become my personal heroes, and I owe it mostly to this book Great book for anyone interested in theology It applies as much today as it did 300 400 years ago This is just an introduction to Puritan theology, and it should spur deeper interest in their writings.

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    The hotter sort of Protestants are called Puritans from a 16th century tract The Puritans were great thinkers, worshippers, hopers, and warriors Excellent read

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    Um cl ssico Feliz por saber que a editora Fiel ir public lo novamente em algum momento deste semestre

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    Packer does a great job in explaining how the Puritans viewed life, and how they lived it This is a must read for those who love the Puritans and want to imitate and we all should Scripture teaches us our duty Its instruction is for practice It must be studied, therefore, for the purpose of setting our lives in order And God will only prosper our study if we continually exercise ourselves to live by what we learn Then our knowledge will deepen and expand but otherwise it will run out into sterile verbiage and mental error The realism of their affirmations of matrimonial affection stemmed from the fact that they went to the Bible for their understanding of the relationship to Genesis for its institution, to Ephesians for its full meaning, to Leviticus for its hygiene, to Proverbs for its management, to several New Testament books for its ethic, and to Esther, Ruth, and the Song of Solomon for illustrations and exhibitions of the ideal.

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    Loved this book Love the Puritans For all those who think they were stuffy Christians who just told people what not to do, should read this book They were the cool, young christians of their day except they held theology and the discipline in the Christian life as something exciting and not life sucking

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    This is a book that I would encourage anyone who is even remotely interested in theology to read It is basically a history of the Puritans, told in a devotional and encouraging style than a simple history book Packer s chapter on John Owen s The Death of Death in the Death of Christ is worth the price of the book alone This is an excellent book on these true giants in the faith.

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