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    I might be a little biased, as the first five Weetzie Bat books when first published as the omnibus Dangerous Angels in 1996 literally changed how I saw the world through writing when I was 12 years old, but this is a glorious and wonderful conclusion to the Weetzie series I was lucky enough to get an advance copy from the author herself, and to participate in one portion of the book, making me feel apart of something larger than myself for the first time within the world of books Bias aside, Pink Smog is not a long read, but it s a very tightened, almost sparely written tale of how Louise Bat becomes the girl we know and love in the rest of the books Yet at the same time, it s still full of the magical realism that s come to dictate Block s style all of these years later after the first book was published in 1989 Make no mistake Pink Smog may be a prequel, but it s a book you cannot miss in 2012.Even if you re new to the Weetzie canon, Block starts Pink Smog by constructing the 13 year old Weetzie s character almost, it feels, from scratch This is the first time we ve seen and interacted fully with this version of Weetzie, as opposed to the mid to late teen and 20 s version, and in a Necklace of Kisses , near middle aged version This Weetzie is still soft in places where in the later books she s become hardened by her experiences with the world and her parents divorce, and here we re only experiencing the beginning twinges of this divorce with her for the first time We re also experiencing her entrance into the teenage years, with mean girls and social outcast best friends, an empty place where her father used to be and magical trips into the most wonderful parts of Los Angeles Block builds a wonderful foundation for Weetzie all over again, leaving no stone unturned yet at the same time, as previously said, her prose almost feels sparse This is probably because we ve seen so much action in the rest of the Weetzie books that there s very little else to say that we don t already know with six other books out But this sparse style is awesome If anything, it just made me even hungrier to read about how Louise became Weetzie, with all of the pain and love and magic that she experienced to kick her transformation into high gear It leaves so much room to fully take in her scavenger hunt that a certain genie gives her, along with a witch that moves in next door, and a boy that may or may not be angelic that becomes a good friend And that s not even when she s in school Weetzie is trying to not only find her father but herself, making her the secure teenage Weetzie we meet in the first book later at age 15 16 This is the perfect book to introduce a new generation of YA readers to Weetzie because she s in the process of trying to find herself, like all the other YA readers out there, whether they re in their teens or already adults All of the opposites that attracted me to the original books in the first place are still intact in this prequel Down is up, ugly is beautiful, dirty is clean, mean is kind, and quiet is loud The Weetzie series has always been about finding yourself, and I m happy to say that this final book really tops off the other six books that echo that message As for my own participation in the making of this book, I found it rather pleasantly there in the last part of the book I didn t expect it to be there, as Francesca herself was mysterious about where the real experience was going in the several books she was working on at the time, but there it was I won t reveal what happens or how I participated here that will later be revealed in a separate entry on the blog , but get ready for a happy tear jerker ending that foreshadows the rest of the books Oh, and seeing 1970 s Los Angeles places that are now gone there again in text didn t hurt, either.As Weetzie helped build me up during a rather difficult adolescence, even now in my late 20s, I felt the cushion that is this series buoy me up once So thank you, Francesca, for writing this final book If you love magical realism, or if you love books about finding yourself, or if you re in the midst of trying finding yourself, this is the book for you Every girl should read the Weetzie series, but especially Pink Smog the younger, the better, before all of the self hate that current Western culture quietly encourages takes hold This will help you believe that you are good enough, you are worth it, and yes, it does get better posted to goodreads, shelfari, librarything, and witchoftheatregoing.wordpress.com

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    HERE THERE BE SPOILERS5 Things AboutPink Smog1 I ve been reading Francesca Lia Block s books since high school I was a big fan of the books that made up Dangerous Angels I also thought quite a bit of her other solo pieces That being said, I did not feel like this book was as strong as those It was all a little too straightforward, a little less magical, a little this is a book that you will only appreciate if you are around that age It s the first book I ve read by her that s actually felt truly YA.2 The transformation in Wee Weetzie is very believable, and you can follow the evolution of the character in a natural movement I like quite a bit that it took her a lot of work to get to the cool Weetzie of the Dangerous Angels books.3 The trademark lyrical prose is still present in Pink Smog, albeit slightly muted While I can recognize it was important for the story that it be in first person perspective, I feel like some of the beautiful poetry that is a highlight of Block s writing was sacrificed for it.4 The book does a really good job of setting up certain characters for the series, although I feel like the departure of Weetzie s middle school friends was a bit hasty Even though from the start we know they won t make it to the next book, it felt a little like, Uh oh I m on the last ten pages of this manuscript These two have got to go 5 I worry a bit that I am out growing Francesca Lia Block, but I can t help returning to her books now and then Pink Smog, like most of her other books, is a good romp through what some might wish growing up was like If it had to be bad, couldn t it have at least been bad with a wiener dog and the freedom to wander around having adventures in LA

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    I wasn t sure what to think of Pink Smog when I read through the first chapter It s narrative seemed disjointed, chaotic, and at times focused on items that didn t seem to matter However, it wasn t until I had gotten about halfway through the book and learned about the characters, that I realized what Francesca did, and I was engrossed with this book until the end.What she did, and did incredible subtly, was perfectly write this book from the view of a thirteen year old girl Now I have no idea what being a thirteen year old girl is like, but thinking back on my time as a teen I remembered how chaotic things were How important the little things like clothes, music, and what brand of bike you rode mattered Those first few chapters suddenly fit perfectly with this story, and perfectly introduced the character who came to be Weetzie Bat.On the surface, this book appeared to be your standard coming of age story A girl, Weetzie, is taking care of her former actress and current drunk mother after her father leaves This book strays from the typical formula where the protagonist finds a significant other who helps them realize that life is worth living, and instead focuses on a child realizing her own inner strength in the face of not only adversity, but in the face of life in general.She not only has to learn to cope with these feelings of abandonment, but also discovers that though her situation is unfortunate, she is not alone in her struggle to survive in life Her two friends show her that they are just as troubled as she is.Francesca s writing style was incredible Not only does she have an excellent flow to her writing, but she did something I find not many authors can do She piqued my curiosity about specific items in this book, and genuinley makes me want to know what the outcome will be She built these characters, so that you will actually care what happens to them in the endeven if each character s end isn t the one you want for them.All in all, though the book is categorized as teen , I would recommend this as a read for anyone I think you will all walk away being thoroughly entertained.

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    OK, so, back story My 8th grade year, I found the first Weetzie Bat book in the abandoned Lost and Found box in the water boiler room of my middle school and it was sort of like a guiding light for adolescent me I later found out who it belonged to, but not until I lent the book to like 3 other people I really, really loved Francesca Lia Block s whole world in middle and high school but stopped reading her when her books became fairy tale Tori Amos y all of those books were a little too Fantasy Club for my tastes The Weetzie books some of her earlier titles like Girl Goddess 9 clearly always had bits of fantasy in them but they were not as fantastic as some of her later books have become I suppose it goes without saying that she has also written her share of supernatural romance type books in the last few years So I had been sort of apprehensive about re visiting her even in the context of my profession because I was terrified that the books would strike me as really NINTIES and kind of NEW AGE and sort of HOKEY and HIPPIE, and my recollection of reading them was so magical that I didn t want that to go away And then this book which is a prequel to the Weetzie books was published recently and showed up in my library and even though I was nervous I picked it up anyway annnnd IT TOTALLY HOLDS UP Whew Thank GOD, right In fact it might be one of the better books about Weetzie that FLB is written specifically BECAUSE it sort of lacks in the airy fairy department It s about Weetzie at age 13 not as confident or as sure of herself or as resourceful as we find her in the original books and how she grows into her own identity It is not as overall rosy but still has the compassion and magic realism of the original Weetzie books Highly recommended for your baby cousin or tween niece.

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    Pink Smog isn t bad In fact, it s a rather sweet and charming story I think my problem with it is that I m no longer FLB s target audience so her books are always hit or miss for me now And the whole concept of needing a prequel to introduce today s young folk to Weetzie and the rest of the Dangerous Angels gang feels completely unnecessary For me, the entire plot of Pink Smog can be summed up in the first sentence of Weetzie Bat The reason Weetzie Bat hated high school was because no one understood and I d recommend that book over this one to anyone in a heartbeat.

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    Before we met Dirk.Before we found Duck.Before Secret Agent Lover Man, Angel Juan, Cherokee, and Witch Baby.Even before the time of Slinkster Dog and Go Go GirlThere was Louise.But she d like it much better if you called her Weetzie.Pink Smog is the pre quel to Weetzie Bat Weetzie is 13 years old and in 7th grade Her Mom and Dad have been fighting and her Dad has finally moved out Mom, whether heartbroken or unsure what to do next, has taken to the bottle While Weetzie is left to take care of her and try to live a normal life.But that s kind of hard to do in 7th grade Just like high school, junior high can be cruel.Greta s Thoughts Whenever I think of Weetzie, I always think of this Sheryl Crowe song.But this book is before In Pink Smog Weetzie s life is hard I found it hard to believe that Weetzie wasn t always full of fun sunshiney rainbow glitter smiles Sure, she has a good outlook on life but I couldn t believe how many people were mean to her It helps you understand why Weetzie is so carefree in the later books If Weetzie can make it through Junior High then she can make it through ANYTHING On the way Weetzie does befriend 2 outcasts They form a club formed by a cruel joke and stick together through thick and thin This just shows you how loyal Weetzie can be.Mindblowing No, not really The writing in the book didn t knock me off my feet but it did make me believe that a thirteen year old was telling the story Maybe that s what FLB was going for If it was she did a bang up job And it does make sense Most kids don t find their voice until they get a bit older.Plot This probably isn t the best Weetzie Bat book to start with There are some Ah HAH moments that will help you understand the later books I think everyone should start at the beginning But otherwise that, the story was very interesting and I loved how short it was Shortness is key to me It guarantees that I ll probably read it again.Rated R This is a teen book so of course there is a bit of cussing There isn t much Also, there is a bit of drug use If your kids watch That 70s Show then this book won t scar them at all.Overall I love Weetzie I love her style I love her voice I love how carefree and caring she can be I enjoyed watching her grow up into a 40 year old woman And I loved hearing her tale before she was our Weetzie Bat For any girl out there who wants to read, get inspired, and dream might I introduce you to a girl named Louise but you can call her Weetzie.

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    full disclosure i LOVED the weetzie bat books when i was a teenager just like all other teenage girls who read sassy magazine original recipe wore flannels were born in the 70s after obsessively devouring them over over again from the library, i of course bought the bound collection dangerous angels when it was released i tried to read it again when i was like 21 wow even at that young of an age, i was already pretty much completely over francesca lia block s writing style i still got a little thrill of nostalgia reading the sentences that i had practically memorized when i was 14 years old imagining what life could be like had i been born in los angeles instead of toledo, ohio, but unfortunately, block is really for a younger crowd, one that still thinks that fairies eating disorders are kind of glamorous.i checked out pink smog anyway because i am nothing if not an obsessive completist it is billed as a prequel to weetzie bat, explaining about why weetzie s dad ran off how she came to develop her personal style meet some of the characters that figure prominently into the weetzie bat series.i was disappointed, probably not just because i was 32 when i read this book not 15 all of block s usual writing tricks are herei mean, just consider the title pink smog rather evocative, isn t it makes the air quality issues in los angeles seem kind of romantic mysterious but i lived in L.A can vouch for the fact that really, smoggy days just burn your throat make your eyes water the whole book is all pink smog hollywood glamour guardian angel mermaids candy all of this is unfortunately at the expense of a plot block tries to hang everything on a scavenger hunt that weetzie is sent on after her father leaves, but there are big chunks in between where she gets picked on at school is tormented by a witchy violet eyed neighbor with a collection of angry dogs, so when the scavenger hunt comes up again, it s kind of like, oh, this again i d forgotten about this what a snore the one character i kind of cares about was weetzie s asian american friend who is suffering from an eating disorder this is one of the few characters that isn t actually in the weetzie series at the end of pink smog, she is sent to a rehab center for treatment is never heard from again i mean, her character wasn t even very strongly drawn or anything nor were any of the other characters if this had been my first introduction to the weetzie world, i would probably have been very confused , but i just really wanted her to get some help i also wonder if she was shoehorned into the book as penance for the fact that block so often writes about characters suffering from eating disorders she makes them sound super glamorous romantic maybe i am mistaken, but i seem to recall some book where the protagonist has an eating disorder is so disoriented from hunger that she hallucinates a fairy that becomes her best friend they have all these adventures together her relationship with the fairy is the plot of the entire book, of course there are plenty of scenes where the protagonist has borderline assault sexual relationships with way older, inappropriate men who are attracted to her fragility even if i m imagining this it s not a real block book, it pretty much sums up her entire oeuvre feel free to snag this plot, francesca i ll keep an eye out for the check.

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    Things aren t easy for young Louise Weetzie Bat Her father and mother fight incessantly and she s tired of the bullying at school When her father leaves, her life seems to crash down around her Her father was everything to her, and now he s disappeared without a trace Weetzie holds out hope that he ll come back after a few days, just as he always does, but as the days pass by it becomes evident that he may never return.The night her father left, he and her mother had their biggest fight yet, and her drunk mother passed out and fell into the swimming pool A handsome young man saves her, and Weetzie sets out to find him, convinced he may be her guardian angel When Weetzie finally meets the mysterious young man Winter , she can t help but develop a crush on him When he tells her that her father asked him to watch over Weetzie, she develops an even stronger bond with him, but there s something very strange about Winter s family His sister seems hell bent on terrorizing her, and his mother may have something to do with constant tension between Weetzie s parents As the bullying at school persists, and Weetzie continues searching for answers around her father s disappearance, she learns things about herself that will shape the young woman she is meant to become.I m going to shamefully admit upfront that I ve never read a Weetzie Bat book I was in college when they came out and pretty much everything I read at that time was a textbook This book was my introduction to the writing of Ms Block, and I will admit I am now a fan I loved seeing 1970 s L.A through Weetzie s eyes The entire book is a literary love affair with the city as experienced by a thirteen year old The writing is fluid and the characters, especially Weetzie, are extremely engaging I especially loved the spatters of magical realism that Ms Block uses to enhance Weetzie s story Pink Smog is a quick read at just under 200 pages, but it is well worth the time After reading this, I ll definitely be purchasing the other Weetzie books.

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    For fans of the Weetzie Bat, this prequel will have obvious appeal But for someone stumbling upon this series for the first time, this book will sound discordant and jumbled By her teenage years, Weetzie had struck her groove, but this novel finds her in middle school, pleading with teachers to call her by her nickname instead of Louise, suffering humiliation at the hands of the mean girls, and uncertain of the magic around her Her beloved father Charlie has just driven out of Weetzie s life in his battered yellow T Bird, leaving her reeling while trying to support her alcoholic and suicidal mother.This book is 75% style, with every character s entrance including a rundown of their outfit More time is spent on the state of mom s pedicure than her emotional state Weetzie s narrative is breezy and light She lives in a world of fading starlettes in a Hollywood that never really existed While her mother s alcoholism is clearly a downer, that doesn t give her any reservations about pouring herself a cup or two of chardonnay with a Bubble Yum chaser Serious subjects are touched on, but then veered away from quickly In addition to mom s suicidal tendencies and alcoholism, Weetzie s best friends are a girl with an eating disorder and a boy who is most likely a male prostitute and definitely the subject of gay bashing But attention is focused on the dreamy boy who may be her guardian angel Yes, it s an ugly world, but look at my cute outfit Or as the book didactically states in the conclusion, No matter how bad things get, you can always see the beauty in them Content Advisory contains 13 year olds smoking pot for no real reason other than the author seems to think it makes them look cool.

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    This is the Weetzie Bat prequel and I didn t hate it as much as I hated all of FLB s other recent works I don t know if it would appeal much to anyone who s not already interested in Weetzie, and it doesn t introduce a whole lot of unknown Weetzie history for the obsessive It is, however, a sweet story about a high school girl who dresses weird even for Los Angeles , doesn t fit in, struggles to make friends and tries to cope with her parents break up her father s departure This is not as much of a love letter to L.A., which I always felt was one of the best things about the Weetzie books, but Weetzie s world is a lot smaller here She s younger and the city is not as familiar But a lot of the groundwork for the charm and metaphysical connection between Weetzie and Los Angeles is laid here her childhood memory about the tar pits, being obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and watching fireworks on the rooftop in January One note FLB was trying too hard with Weetzie s friends here the tragic girl with the eating disorder and the tragic gay teen hustler, come on It s like, we always knew that Weetzie was friends with outsiders because she herself is too weird for the norms, but these pals of hers come across as tragic allegories representing the hardships of teen angst They didn t seem like tender, real people which I always felt was true about Weetzie s friends I just wanted them to be 3D.At the end of the book, I was feeling like everything was going to work out OK with Weetzie And then I immediately started reading Weetzie Bat and wishing they would make a Weetzie movie.

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Pink Smog (Weetzie Bat, #0) summary pdf Pink Smog (Weetzie Bat, #0) , summary chapter 2 Pink Smog (Weetzie Bat, #0) , sparknotes Pink Smog (Weetzie Bat, #0) , Pink Smog (Weetzie Bat, #0) 72b2fc3 Pink Smog, The Long Awaited Prequel To Francesca Lia Block S Groundbreaking Novel Weetzie Bat, Was Praised As An Intoxicating Mix Of Mystery, Fantasy, And Romance By ALA Booklist In A Starred Review Weetzie Bat Is One Of The Seminal Young Adult Novels Of The S And Continues To Be An Iconic Treasure For Teens Everywhere Now Pink Smog Reintroduces A Whole New Generation To The Eponymous Weetzie Bat Before She Was Weetzie Against The Backdrop Of A Los Angeles Teeming With Magical Realism, Louise Bat Struggles To Find A Way To Deal With Life After Her Father S Unceremonious DepartureLongtime Fans And Newfound Readers Alike Will Fall In Love With Francesca Lia Block S Beautifully Crafted And Brutally Honest World Maggie Stiefvater, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Raven Boys, Proclaimed Pink Smog Sparkles And Obscures It S A Glorious Mirage, Like The City It Pays Homage To

  • Hardcover
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  • Pink Smog (Weetzie Bat, #0)
  • Francesca Lia Block
  • English
  • 28 August 2019
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About the Author: Francesca Lia Block

Francesca Lia Block is the author of than twenty five books of fiction, non fiction, short stories and poetry She received the Spectrum Award, the Phoenix Award, the ALA Rainbow Award and the 2005 Margaret A Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as other citations from the American Library Association and from the New York Times Book Review, School Library Journal and Publisher s Week