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Sky Pirates of Neo Terra summary Sky Pirates of Neo Terra , series Sky Pirates of Neo Terra , book Sky Pirates of Neo Terra , pdf Sky Pirates of Neo Terra , Sky Pirates of Neo Terra e13bd2c2d3 In Neo Terra, A World That Blends Forgotten Technology With Natural Magic, Reckless Young Glide Wing Pilot Billy Boom Boom Must Outwit The Pirate King To Stop Him From Ushering In A New Dark Age Camilla D Errico Pencils This High Adventure Mini Series About Loyalty, Friendship, And What It Means To Be A True Hero

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    A troperiffic cliche storm that still manages to be gorgeous, engaging, and absolute fun The brevity of it helps a great deal this is a story where the world feels detailed, but you know deep down that what you see is what you get The cast is flat as a board, but they re colorful and they emote The plot is nonsense, but you don t pick up Sky Pirates of Neo Terra for poignant reading It s fun anime lookin fantasy in the sky, and like, who could ask for

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    Camilla D Errico doesn t disappoint with her gorgeous artwork, but I have to admit the writing wasn t fantastic It wasn t awful, and it was fun and engaging, but it could have been improved with fewer cliches and set phrasings It was lazy However, the artwork makes up for any holes in the writing The artwork is so beautiful If there were ever added to this series, I d definitely pick it up I feel like the years and practice will have probably greatly improved the writing.

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    Pretty, pretty artwork, enjoyable, if cliched, RPG storyline But seriously now, who puts a flashback inside of another flashback Who does that

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    Fun book The art is wonderful and the plot life is tight and full of dynamic characters Nice read

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