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Forgotten explained Forgotten, review Forgotten, trailer Forgotten, box office Forgotten, analysis Forgotten, Forgotten abc9 Each Night At Precisely Am, While Sixteen Year Old London Lane Is Asleep, Her Memory Of That Day Is Erased In The Morning, All She Can Remember Are Events From Her Future London Is Used To Relying On Reminder Notes And A Trusted Friend To Get Through The Day, But Things Get Complicated When A New Boy At School Enters The Picture Luke Henry Is Not Someone You D Easily Forget, Yet Try As She Might, London Can T Find Him In Her Memories Of Things To Come When London Starts Experiencing Disturbing Flashbacks, Or Flash Forwards, As The Case May Be, She Realizes It S Time To Learn About The Past She Keeps Forgetting Before It Destroys Her Future

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Forgotten
  • Cat Patrick
  • English
  • 22 August 2019
  • 9780316094610

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    This book really annoyed me I couldn t even manage to talk myself into giving it 2 stars because I have nothing at all complimentary to say It was boring, the protagonist pissed me off and it is nowhere near as interesting as the goodreads description would have you believe The idea sounds so cool A girl London Lane remembers things that have not happened yet in flashes but forgets her past each day as she wakes up She leaves notes to herself about her life and what has happened the previous day, etc, etc Sounds interesting, no Too bad the author made it into a love story And I don t mean a love story the way some people claimed that Divergent was too much of a love story I m talking constant in your face romance This is a book about a mediocre teen love story With two characters who have about as much personality as they have chemistry between them i.e none The relationship is choppy and unbelievable, he s a wuss and she s a heartless, whiny bitch sorry but she is.Also, she has to look at her notes to remember the guy each day So, uh, are we meant to believe that every day she wakes up, reads notes about a guy who is nothing but a stranger and falls in love with him again immediately as soon as she reads what she s written It s like super instalove instalove every morning instalove before you ve even seen him Then one day when they have an argument, she decides to destroy all the notes she s made about hima Quite a melodramatic move to completely write someone you supposedly love out of your life because of one single bloody argument.b But not to worry because he writes her a lengthy note describing their relationship over the past few months and she falls in love instantly Again.I wasn t falling for it And the crappy excuse for a mystery was lucky to get twenty pages out of the book because the angsty love ate up the rest of it The worst part about it is that the author had a great idea I read the description ages ago and thought wow, can t wait to read that and then she went and put the idea in some weak romantic setting Even the protagonist sucked majorly.Yeah, London Lane was whiny, bitchy, nasty, immature and stupid She calls her best and only friend a slut for having an affair with a teacher The teacher, of course, goes completely without blame because it s not like it s illegal or anything, plus she s a slut so she probably deserves it Damn, this book s annoyingAnd the whole waking up each morning and having to read notes to remember thing She s not meant to remember anything after a certain date when she was a fairly young kid I forget the exact age , so does she have to read years of her life in notes every day That can t work, and yet it seems to be what the author is suggesting here And can she change the future She pondered the idea but never seemed to reach a conclusion.It would seem the author forgot about her interesting idea shortly after introducing the starcrossed lovers to one another The book on the whole was poor and I have, at this point, no intention of reading any of the author s future work.

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    2.5 wavering between it was okay and I liked it Forgotten is right in the pocket for the current YA climate It offers a contemporary storyline with a twist that gives the book a vague supernatural vibe London can remember the future The sale of Forgotten went down in a heated bidding war and the rights were bought internationally Already it has been optioned and early reviews report the hype is true to expect originality, a swoony romance and a wild twist towards the end of the book.I was incredibly optimistic about Forgotten It sounds utterly fabulous and different and the Aussie cover is gorgeous.London Lane can see her future but her past is blank Each day she wakes up she cannot remember what she did the day before or any days prior It s a fabulously intriguing premise also absolutely HUGE and baffling with mind boggling practicalities Cat Patrick dives straight into the story without much explanation as to why or how.A quick snapshot of what the plot consists of future memories flash forwards of a mysterious funeral and London trying to take notes and investigate.London falling in love with the super gorgeous new boy at school falling again and again London and her best friend, Jamie Jamie is making some relationship choices and London can foresee just how it will all end in tragedy There s tension in London and Jamie s relationship plus London trying to tinker and see if she can change the future in her memories.There s lots of school scenes, date scenes and home scenes with London and her mum her parents are divorced another half mystery London is unsure about Patrick writes well her prose is smooth and tangle free no convoluted sentimental passages that bog the plot down The prose makes it such an effortless and appealing reading experience It s succinct and rather pleasant In fact, the entire book feels FRESH While there is a slight mean girls plot line it doesn t feel cliche Likewise the friend and family relationship dramas are handled with subtlety than melodrama The characters are immensely like able the secondary characters stay firmly in the background, as their 2D selves just as well as there was enough going on with the main characters to care too much about the minor players.As for the romance which is being pushed as a huge selling point it s fun and flirty and PG Because London meets Luke for the first time day after day there s plenty of new revelations about how gorgeous and hot and incredibly awesome he is While I didn t personally swoon over him he was like able character though at times a bit of an enigma and the constant references to his hotness didn t bother me as other authors who attempt the same thing can often grate on my nerves I think because I liked London I mostly thought it was sweet watching her gush every day.So the thing is I am always prepared to go along with an unlikely premise for the sake of a compelling story I adore guilty pleasure reads and am such a sucker for YA romance However, I was constantly unnerved while reading Forgotten by plot holes, inconsistencies and a lack of explanation of London s condition Things constantly niggled at my mind and pulled me out of the story again and again which really hindered me settling in I did not feel like I was a part of the story alongside the characters which is how my favourite books make me feel I felt like i was watching it all unfold from a very detached distance while scratching my head.In all fairness, it is a doozy of a premise, hugely ambitious and I m guessing practicalities had to be ignored just for the sake of continuing on with the story No one wants to get bogged down in the nitty gritty and science of it all but, for me, it still needs to be plausible and consistent It wasn t just that premise did not make sense, but entire plot points would unravel if you give yourself a chance to think about them Likewise, other plot points are unnecessary such as all the elaborate note taking and reading of said notes everyday if London truly can see in the future her future self could have read all the notes Character relationships seemed implausable and the logic of the whole thing was a little bit what the No one teachers, friends, doctors, people in general even knew of her condition apart from her mum and Jamie her friend and no one seemed to notice London inconsistently fudging her way through school and life.As for the ending OH MY GOSH It wasn t the flipped out spinney twist I had heard about it was a sudden tacked on drama The ending was convoluted and rushed and felt like a weird extended epilogue style run down of unlikely unexpected events Until then, it was a contemp read with a twist and then it nearly changed genre altogether but with no suspense or foreshadowing to prepare the reader or build anticipation for the shift I do not think it was handled with finesse at all it was as if I was suddenly reading a different book There was barely any integration of the climax with the rest of the book It almost felt as if Patrick was nearing the end thought up a whole fantastic scenario and wrote a synopsis for it as the resolution Despite all the things I loved about this book, ultimately I felt like I fudged my way through and contrary to all the hype I am pretty much disappointed This book was not for me and yet I think teens will love it regardless I am very curious to see how other readers feel about this one when it hits the shelves.

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    You had me, Cat Patrick You had me for a significant portion of this novel Then you totally lost me You did, however, inspire me to read up on short term memory loss For those of you wondering what the heck that has to with anything, this book s main character is a teenage girl who resets every morning around 4am Each night, she writes notes for herself of things she needs to read for school, what she should wear tomorrow, and any developments with family and friends The entire book keeps the reader wondering what the impetus for the memory loss was and whether London Lane yes will be able to regain some of her lost memories London s mother and best friend know of her memory situation but there is no mention of anyone else knowing do her peers her teachers know I feel it is unbelievable if they don t There is no way that someone can write notes for their entire life and keep them detailed enough to pass as their normal self in everyday life Right Think of all the details Updating herself on every day of her life every single morning I m skeptical Another point that creeped me out a bit was London s relationship with Luke If every day is the first day you are meeting someone, it is beyond creepy that you would ever sleep with him Or love him Sure, I can see London trusting herself in her notes but she really had no reason to because she repeatedly wrote what she wanted next day London to know, not what actually happened or what she needed to know Neither Luke nor London are having a normal relationship here and I didn t find myself rooting for either of them The mystery element of this book builds slowly and then just punches you in the face at the end In a bad way I know I would ve enjoyed this book if the unraveling was simpler view spoiler Why bring in a brother Underground baby adoption rings hide spoiler

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    London Lane remembers her future the same way we remember our past And while the average person doesn t remember their future, London doesn t remember her past Her memories are of the future, but the moment they become the past, they re forgotten At precisely 4 33am every morning she forgets the day she s just lived and awakens with only what she sees of the future and her daily notes on what s happened in her life She has to remind herself of the clothes she wore yesterday, the conversations she had, what she needs to do for school, why she s angry at certain people and to remind herself to stay angry at certain people.She soon meets the new guy in school, Luke Henry There s an instant attraction, he s gorgeous and seems like such a genuinely sweet boy But although there is something vaguely familiar about him, she doesn t see him in any of her future memories So as much as she d love the idea of seeing and talking to him again, she doesn t torture herself by dwelling on what she knows will never come Until it does She talks to him again the next day And the next And the next Luke Henry is very much a part of her future, he becomes an incredibly important part but she still can t remember him Which means every day she must read her notes growing notes on this wonderful boy and meet him all over again All the while keeping up the facade that she does remember him since only two people in her life know of her condition.Not long after Luke comes into her life, London begins seeing a new memory A nightmarish memory that is not fully revealing itself to her, which makes it all the terrifying What begins to unravel is a mystery that will make you question the past, present and future I was shocked when things were unravelled toward the end To me, London s condition is heartbreaking To have these future memories of days, months, years to come and know they re only temporary in your mind the moment you actually live in them, the dreaded 4 33am curse comes around and nothing Just words ink and paper reminders of what once was I still can t shake that devastating idea from my head I sat there thinking about all the moments from my own past, all those precious memories that would be nothing but a summary on a note You only see your parents and friends and loved ones as their future selves never remembering the dorky stages and the beautiful years of growth from childhood Not only that, but Forgotten really works your mind over with the idea of knowing the future how much do you reveal Is it right to intervene when you know something bad is going to happen to a friend Is the future really set in stone Two words I have been dying to exclaim in caps lock LUKE HENRY Oh my gosh That boy is officially in my top 5 list of favourite fictional males ever Make that top 3 He is the sweetest thing ever From his weird, yet adorable object of interest for his artwork to his all chocolate brown Converse All Stars I kid you not, I hugged this book tight to my chest I had a dorky grin on my face and I m the kind of person who starts giggling to myself when something makes me insanely happy and giggle I did Where can I buy me a Luke Henry He s funny, sweet, loyal, romantic, gorgeous, quirky and just so so I just love him And if I didn t also love and admire London so much, I would have stole every note of him she ever wrote and claiming him for myself, but the thought of erasing Luke Henry from anyone s mind is horrifying Alright, I ll stop gushing now fine, I m totally lying Just let me have one minute in heaven LUKE squeesighswoon 3 spends the next 15 minutes composing myself Ahem.Forgotten is an incredible debut novel It s a romance that will set your heart aflutter, a mystery that will leave you clutching the pages for answers and a chain of events and emotions that will force you to question your own past and future It will burrow it s way into your heart and leave you feeling such an emotional attachment to the amazing characters and uniquely sad, yet beautiful, thought provoking storyline I literally began rereading this just hours after I finished because I didn t want to leave the astonishing world born of this talented author s mind Despite it s name, this is one novel that will not be soon forgotten.

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    Yesterday I ordered an orange mango smoothie from Starbucks I expected to enjoy it after all, I like oranges, mangoes, and smoothies Yet when I tried the drink in its entirety I almost spit That s sort of like what happened with Forgotten, minus the spit Forgotten possessed a plethora of potential It s realistic fiction with a paranormal touch, including a love interest and a mystery The book had so much promise, but failed to deliver any punch.Cat Patrick s prose is good Too good, in a way It reminded me of a one note song that takes a minute to learn on the piano simple and effortless, but lacking depth and variety After reading the first chapter I felt like I was reading recycled copies of the same writing over and over.I had the same issue with the characters Don t get me wrong, I like ordinary protagonists But to me, there s a clear difference between ordinary and plain boring London landed on the latter And while the romance between London and Luke was cute, it was also monotonous okay London, I get it, he s attractive What about his personality Does he have a personality The plot Egad, the plot There were so many holes and inconsistencies that by the end of the book I wanted to scream The worst part is that Cat Patrick could have made Forgotten amazing like I said earlier, this book and the idea of London s somewhat amnesia had gargantuan potential Patrick just didn t do anything with it.I suppose the ending could qualify as a shocker , but I was too glad the book was over to care It s a good thing that this book is a fast and easy read, otherwise, I don t know if I would have finished it.If you ve been following me or reading my reviews for some time you probably know that it s not often I write a negative review It s not something I like doing, but I have to be honest Forgotten is a forgettable read, and a book I ll be glad to have out of my memory Sorry cross posted from my blog, the quiet voice.

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    London loses her memory every night She writes notes about the day and leaves them on her nightstand for the morning On one particular day, she meets Luke He seems to know her from somewhere but she doesn t notice and obviously, wouldn t know what memory he remembers her from Their romance starts to build, slowly but surely Although it s a slow build up it s not the kind where you don t know if anything is ever going to happen The ending is marvelous, and I don t want to spoil anything so I ll leave the review as this.

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    Forgotten is spellbindingly mind boggling I was so intrigued with London s strange life Cat Patrick certainly created a keeper with her debut novel It s so intricately developed, the messages and emotions vividly portrayed that had me living anxiously alongside London, watching as she forgets again and again her yesterday, and then seeing her remember her future It was such a unique premise, and confusing at times Kind of like one of those time travel concepts that stretch your mind.Each morning at 4 33, London forgets everything that happened the previous day She writes notes to herself every night telling her about her yesterday, and reminding her what she needs to do the next day, like study for a quiz, which how tiresome would that be You wouldn t be able to study early, you d have to study the day of, because anything you try to study remember will be lost the next day, so it would be totally pointless But she knows her future She remembers events that will happen, and people that she ll meet But then she meets a boy that she can t remember, he s not in her future Each new day, London meets Luke for the first time, and though her notes tell her how gorgeous he is, she s never prepared for it The premise is actually quite similar to the movie 50 First Dates with Drew Barry I wonder if Patrick got her inspiration or seed for the novel from that movie In any case, Patrick s novel is original and amazing and I loved it.I loved all the characters London especially, for her strength and acceptance of her life, and the love she has for the people around her, and trying her hardest to save them from an unpleasant future She does go through her times of doubt and sadness, seriously, who wouldn t with a life like that but she was so strong and a very likeable heroine And Luke was great He stayed by London s side no matter what, and in the end, he was an integral part of London starting to remember her past.There are several subplots, involving London s best friend, her father, and a funeral As London tries to unravel her past, and find out what her mother is keeping from her, the puzzle pieces come together in a rather startlingly, intriguing, brilliant way Patrick holds all the pieces, giving them away at just the right time to keep the reader on their toes, and slowly let them see the ever brightening picture alongside London The ending was done very nicely, wrapping the story up with a feeling of completion for the reader, while still not having all the loose ends tied up Forgotten could stand on its own, and I wouldn t feel entirely cheated, but I would love a sequel And I m pretty sure there will be one D This book has already been optioned for a motion picture and I am all for that I think it would make an incredible, romantic movie, that would be slightly like 50 First Dates, which I like also.So, kudos to Cat Patrick for writing an unforgettable novel I m sure I ll love everything that she will write in the future, and I hope many people read Forgotten and love it, or at least find some gem in it.

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    5 Best Stars It s the second best book I have read this month alone and it s the best YA book I have read this month Cat Patrick took me on an unforgettable journey through the eyes of London, a young girl whose memory reset every morning She has no memory of her past and every memory of the future Forgotten was so gripping to me literally could not put it down I laughed, I sighed, I giggled, I cried The story was a mesmerizing page turning psychological mystery full of drama and young love that I greedily consumed in one evening I know I had said this before but the story hooked right from the start London grab my attention primarily by the lists she writes for herself and I was confused at first I didn t understand why they were so important and why she freaked out over the cell phone When I did and I was sucked further into the story vying to see where it would lead London falls for Luke, and gets the pleasure of meeting him for the first time every single day She quickly falls for him, hard, and fast The feelings they have for each other reach intense heights in what is a short space of time I had so many favorite points throughout the story I m not sure if I can narrow it down Nevertheless, if I had to pick just one, I think my favorite part of the story would have to be the minivan date It was refreshing reading a about a young man romancing a young woman he clearly loved As a woman, I know it is usually us the female s who wind up romanticizing a date relationship and the guy s intentions It was wonderful to read the romancing coming from the guy for a change Most assuredly, Luke was my favorite character It was refreshing reading though from London s pov how much he loved London and never giving up even when London pushes him away I had three big reactions to be honest However, the one that stands out the most is London remembering Luke without having to read her notes My heart burst opened at the realization that they could be forever soul mates, just as Luke had romanticized on the minivan date My second stand out moment was the future London saw for Luke After all both have been through it just didn t seem fair to either one of them My third was learning that her brother was still alive, he l that she even had a brother and it made me wonder Could her memory loss be linked to finding her brother If so, once he appears will she be able to remember and what about her future memories..What will happen Honestly I can t recall reading a book like this before I thought it was interesting that London could see the future however could not remember the past It may seem that Jamie, Adam and London s father were just a sideline character However if Cat Patrick decides to continue the story with another book I think we will see of the characters Especially, Jamie and Adam if Luke and London can t figure out a way to change Luke s future My only disappointment was with the ending For me it was too rushed, and I felt like there was to say, story to tell I don t think it should have ended and what I hear is there will be no sequel I have a feeling there will be from London, but don t hold me to that.Do yourself a favor and DON T miss this one Forgotten it is a stirring and extraordinary debut novella that will haunt your dreams and leave you yearning for .

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    Prrrrh, qu decepci n de libro La sinopsis promete, la idea principal es interesante, pero la autora no ha sabido llevarla a buen puerto Las primeras 200 p ginas me han resultado muy ca ticas de leer No s si por el tema de recordar el futuro y no acordarse del pasado, o por lo pesada que es la autora haciendo comparaciones superraras.Le encuentro tres grandes peros a la historia Primero, Jamie, la mejor amiga de la protagonista Le dura la amiga las 30 primeras p ginas de la historia o menos y no vuelven a ser amigas hasta las ltimas 5 p ginas En serio, para eso, no te metas en gastos y haz un personaje Mary Sue al que todo el mundo envidia y por eso nadie quiere ser su pu etera amiga.Segundo, view spoiler la trama del hermano Me estaba gustando hasta que mete en la trama lo del secuestrador an nimo, borracho y armado Ah me ha perdido Es como si hubiese querido meter una trama policial con calzador Rechina no, lo siguiente Sobra hide spoiler

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    I had heard of Forgotten and even read some great reviews about it, and to tell you the truth it sounded interesting but I wasn t sure if I d like it Well, after reading it, I can now tell you that I thought it was one of the most clever, intriguing, creative books I have ever read Like seriously, if this is Cat Patricks debut, I can t wait to see what she writes next All of the characters were well written about and entertainingespecially London I thought that she was such a strong character, considering everything that she had to deal with and the such I was so glad she had Luke a sweet, loyal and swoony guy by her side I absolutely loved their relationship, to me they were a perfect match and so well suited I loved the way Cat Patrick described meeting Luke, the first time and every other It was like a new experience each time, not just for London, but for me as well As she described him a bit differently every time focusing on his unwavering gaze, to his obvious ease or his effortless smile I had to smile to myself when I came across this short, yet sweet paragraph in the book I thought I was prepared This morning, I read months of notes I flipped through dozens of photos But Luke in real life is something else Luke in real life is something no amount of notes could prepare me for My living, breathing boyfriend is amazing. DI like that the author kept the characters to a minimum and didn t go overboard This made it easy to follow and know who was who I know recently I have read a few books that I just couldn t keep up with, as the number of characters were preposterous Intriguing, original and brilliantly writtenOverall, I enjoyed every minute of this book It s got the just the right amount of romance, drama and mystery If you haven t read this book yet, I highly suggest you do

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