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My Fathers War chapter 1 My Fathers War , meaning My Fathers War , genre My Fathers War , book cover My Fathers War , flies My Fathers War , My Fathers War 47105eaf48eba It Scares Me A Lot, Thinking Of Dad Out There, Far Away In That Dangerous, Terrible Place, Wondering How It Will Be When He Comes Back If He Comes Back, That Is Marie S Dad Has Been Away For Two Years, Fighting On The Somme Battlefields In Northern France For Months There Has Been No Word From Him, No Letters Or Postcards Marie And Her Mother Are Sick With Worry, So They Decide To Stop Waiting And Instead Travel To France, To Try To Find Out What Has Happened To Him There She Experiences First Hand What War Is Like, As She Tries To Piece Together The Clues Behind Her Dad S Disappearance Will Marie Ever See Her Father Again

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    Annie s father has been fighting in France but hasn t been heard from in months Annie s mother who is French, herself decides to take Annie and herself halfway across the world from Sydney to try and find him on their own.This is one of the very popular and very good, My Australian Story books I ve read quite a few of them and the very, very good New Zealand counterparts track them down if you get the chance but this one was new to me Unlike many of the others which primarily are set in Australia, this is primarily set in France, not far from the battle fields of the First World War.One of the striking parts of the book is that it tells stories you don t always hear about First and foremost, it s the story of civilians trying to live their lives while the war looms so close nearby It s also a story of fighting in France a topic often forgotten in classrooms and story telling in an Australia so focused on the Gallipoli campaign I probably learned about Australian involvement on the Western Front through this book than I ever touched at school.There were parts of the book, though, which felt a little too convenient Annie seems to meet the right people at the right times and obstacles in her way seem to melt away when she needs them to It gives Annie and Paul the boy she meets in France the opportunities to solve the mystery of her father s disappearance, but it stretches believability a bit at times.This is, however, another strong addition to a great series of books Annie s really easy to relate to as a character and it s easy to be on her side as she tries to find her father There s some absolutely lovely moments as she and Paul unravel the mystery, and a stark reminder of how many people were lost or injured in the war With so many commemorations focused on Gallipoli, this year, it s a fitting time to visit books like this as a reminder of the other campaigns of the First World War.Originally reviewed at Subversive Reader

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    My Father s War follows the story of Marie, who s dad is off fighting on the Somme Battlefields in France Marie and her mother usually receive post cards or phone calls from her father, but in the past months there have been none They haven t heard anything from him and they don t know if he s still alive Marie and her mother decide to head to France to find her father themselves.While in France, Marie experiences what it s like first hand to be living near the war, she gets caught up and tied into things she never could have imagined happening back in Australia I loved the plot and story line of this book and the way it all tied together Marie really has to mature in this story as she s forced into these situations that she doesn t know how to deal with and she feels even alone than she did to begin with I really loved the ending of this book and how it all wrapped up Overall I loved this book and rate it 5 stars.

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    My fathers war was a great book, it had a lot of tension and it was exiting sometimes it would be left as a cliffhanger and that made me want to read the whole book A girl named Annie is trying to search for her dad who recently went to war To be honest some bits were quite sad and dramatic Annie s mum go out to search for her husband which is Annie s dad In the end Annie finds her dad but he was still recovering in hospital When they found Annie s dad they put him in hospital and Annie raced up to him and gave him a big hug In my opinion its not my type of book but I thought it was a pretty good book.

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    My Fathers WarMy Fathers War is a story of sadness and happiness I love this book This book is about a girl named Annie and her mother who go out to France to look for her father who is in the war This book makes me feel like board or other times makes me feel really relaxed Also I have no idea if it is my book is my type, look don t get me wrong it is a great book but I don t know if is my type of book because on some pages Annie is so happy and then you read about half down the page and she is upset for no reason The book is set in the time of World War 1 This a great book for all ages if you are interested about the war I also recommend this book to teachers who are teaching about the war.

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    My Fathers War review My Fathers War was an amazing book I love all of the tension in it and how everything works out in the end I also loved how the author created all of the characters personality s The story had so much detail and it was probably one of the best books that I have ever read Every time I had to put the book down most of the time it ended on a cliff hanger so it always made me want to keep on reading To sum everything up it was an awesome book and I would definitely recommend this book to ages 8 and up By Hayley Colling

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    This book is great if you love historical fiction as it is all about World War One.

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    Loved the book.

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    Good book tells about the war

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